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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Tips to Make Decorating the Tree Less Stressful

City of St. Louis Family Decorating Their Christmas TreeHardly anything is more traditional than a Christmas tree. However, decorating the tree can often feel like an undesirable responsibility. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Actually, you can do a lot to make this year’s decorating become a holiday moment you look forward to each year. By using these several useful tips, you can make decorating your Christmas tree easier and much less stressful this year.

Choose a Smaller Tree

If you prefer a fresh-cut tree yearly – or if you are looking for an artificial tree for your City of St. Louis rental home – make things easier on yourself by choosing a smaller tree. Even if you may have room in your house for a tree that will impress from sheer size, it’s worth noting that the bigger the tree is, the longer it will take to decorate. If you don’t like to go too small, think about having a thinner tree that will fit neatly into a corner or in front of a window.

Choose a Theme

Another alternative to simplify your Christmas tree decorating is by picking a theme for your tree. For instance, for a breathtaking tree that is simple to decorate, choose a white tree, and decorate it with red cardinals for a simple but stunning display. Or, for a more personal touch, use photographs and twine to create ornaments out of your joyful memories. While you may have some collection of ornaments, you don’t have to use all of them every year.

Decorate in Stages

Trying to buy a tree, set it up, get the lights on it, and then add ornaments is a long process. Instead of making yourself stressed out trying to do it all in one day, think about breaking up the decorating process across different days. This is highly necessary when you’re using a fresh-cut tree since the branches will take time to relax after placing the tree in a stand. By giving yourself plenty of time, you can ensure that you have the energy to make decorating your tree a pleasant event.

Use Good Quality Decorations

Even though it can be tempting to buy the cheapest string lights and ornaments you can find, doing so may not be the better option. Selecting excellent quality string lights, ornaments, and another décor is significant for making your experience decorating your tree as stress-free as possible. Good quality light strings are less likely to break, tangle, or burn out immediately. And good quality ornaments will commonly last through years of holidays. Make things uncomplicated for yourself by using quality decorations for your Christmas tree.

Enlist Help

Decorating a Christmas tree can be much less stressful with a couple of other helping hands. Whenever possible, consider inviting others to help you set up and decorate your tree. This would not only speed up the whole process, but your Christmas tree helpers may also inspire you to try decorating in a new or different way.

Use Fewer Ornaments

Make a statement with your Christmas tree this year by going big – where your ornaments are concerned, that is. By utilizing fewer yet bigger ornaments, bows, garlands, and other items, you can build a glamorous statement tree more quickly and easily than ever before. Just remember to have the items you want to use on hand, and tie them up to the branches with hooks or floral wire.

Label and Organize

Ultimately, one of the practical strategies to make decorating your Christmas tree less stressful is to start when you put your decorations away! As you box up your ornaments, light strings, and other décor items, label each box specifically with the contents. Utilize store-bought string light bobbins or even just a piece of thick cardboard to store lights neatly and prevent tangles. Arrange your spare bulbs, ornament hooks, and extension cords in the same boxes with your tree décor for quick and easy access. By taking the time to label and organize your decorations, you can decorate your tree even easier in the coming year.


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